API Lead Auditor Training: Karly Dickson (Timbalier Premium Services), Reshe Ramchandra (Gulf Engineering Services), Rohini Kallicharan (Gulf Engineering Services)

This training has made me more aware of specifics in Q1. Also, the case studies were well put together and designed. The course was well presented and the information given was well received. What most interested me in this course was the level of competency of the QSI staff and fellow students in the class. Teaching material was well thought of and the instructor instructed within a very delighted and proper manner.” – Reshe R.

The course objectives were delivered with tact and knowledge. Mr. Weightman is truly a master in his field and the expertise and professionalism he brought and imparted during this course was well accepted and received. I’ve learned a lot and am more confident in performing my duties as an internal auditor.” – Rohini K.

Clearly well-planned and very well instructed. An exceptional and master trainer. One of the best courses I have attended in my 40 years in the oil and gas industry. Thanks for enhancing my auditing career.” – Joe W.

Good job, Bud!” – Srihari V.