API Spec. Q1 Training Picture - Chris Florida (ENSCO International, Inc.), Monica Toerner (Rig Master), Diann Wilck (Integrated Drive Systems), Julian Hernandez (Alloy Carbide), Chris Gilbreath (Applied Machinery Corp.), Jackie DeFreitas (American Petroleum Institute)

The staff is exceptional at accommodating everyone from registration of the course to completion. The course is comprehensive and provides well-structured and in-depth practice examinations and discussion. The instructor, Joe Wiltz, gave numerous interesting and applicable examples based on his extensive history and experience withing the industry.” – Jackie D.


This API Q1 training class was taught very well. Joe Wiltz is a great instructor and not only knows, but understands and can deliver the information very well. I will come back to Qualified Specialists, International for other classes and will recommend to other co-workers.” – Chris F.


Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken. Joe kept the pace going, interjected with personal stories pertaining to the audit process. This class was extremely ‘eye opening’ based on my level of comfort with Q1. I’ve been involved with API Q1, ISO 9000, 7K, and 8C, but not as the QA/QC manager; I was thrust into the QA/QC role. The class was extremely useful. Good job, Joe Wiltz; you’re awesome! Thanks for all your knowledge.” – Chris G.


Great start; awesome breakfast! Great number of students and great classmates.” – Julian H.


A word of praise is in order to the API instructor, Joe Wiltz, and to the staff at QSI. The information presented was a wealth of knowledge and valuable in developing a foundation for ensuring implementation. The training room was awesome as well as the wonderful food provided. If I could ever refer anyone for training here, you can rest assured that I would.” – Diann W.


Thank you, Mr. Wiltz!! You’re outstanding!!” – Carlos G.