The release of the API Spec Q1 10th Edition on 18 September 2023 marks a significant milestone in the Oil & Gas industry. This edition introduces essential updates and changes that require careful attention and preparation for all licensees. Licensees have been granted a one-year window to integrate the requirements of the 10th Edition into their operations.

Detailed Comparison

At Qualified Specialists, LLC (QSI), accuracy is paramount. Our dedicated team is rigorously comparing the recently published 10th Edition with the previous 9th Edition, including addendums and errata. This meticulous process aims to identify any differences between the two versions, ensuring that our clients receive precise guidance.

A crucial part of our approach involves conducting a comprehensive gap analysis. This analysis allows us to pinpoint the specific changes required in QSI’s IMS-QMS Technology Packages to align with the 10th Edition. Our commitment to thoroughness ensures that our clients’ Quality Management Systems remain compliant.

Ongoing Support / Personalized Implementation Plans

Throughout the implementation process, QSI remains dedicated to providing unwavering support. Any alterations in the IMS and QMS documentation will be clearly communicated and seamlessly integrated into clients’ systems with training provided.

In the coming weeks, QSI will reach out to our clients individually. During these discussions, we will present customized plans for revising their Quality Management Systems. This personalized approach enables us to address the unique needs and challenges of each organization.

As the Oil & Gas industry continues its journey of evolution and improvement, staying informed about the latest standards is crucial. The 10th Edition of Q1 reflects QSI’s commitment to delivering top-tier quality solutions and guidance to our clients.

Stay tuned for further updates and insights as we navigate the intricacies of the 10th Edition of Q1 together.