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Bud Weightman snapshotI recently attended the following American Petroleum Institute subcommittee meetings at the 2015 API Winter Standardization Conference in New Orleans, LA:

  • SC 18 – Subcommittee on Quality
  • SC 20 – Subcommittee on Supply Chain Management


I realized that many people may not understand the full breath of API’s standardization activities.

For example:

  1. Did you know that Q1, 9th Edition is at errata 2?
  2. Did you know Spec. 6A is going to the 21st Edition?
  3. Did you know that Spec. 6D was revised to the 24th Edition in 2014 and is already at errata 2?

While it may seem that this is business as usual, companies that are licensed under an API product specification or that have a quality management system certification are obliged to follow API Spec. Q1, Clause 4.4.4, Use of External Documents in Product Realization, which states:

“When API product or other external specification requirements, including addenda, errata, and updates, are used in the design or manufacture of the product, the organization shall maintain a documented procedure for the integration of these requirements into the product realization process and any other affected processes.”

In other words, this means a consideration whether or not:

  • A gap analysis will need to be performed to document the differences between the previous and the new revisions
  • A determination will need to be made as to whether or not the changes to any product specifications represent a risk to your existing design and/or current quality management system (i.e., a risk assessment to Q1, Section 5.3)
  • A management of change will need to be implemented with regards to the revised specification

Shown below are some examples of how you can interact with API webpages to receive the most up-to-date information related to your product specification or other external specification requirements.

Subject What does this do for me?

What’s New

This page illustrates the recent changes to API product specifications and recommended practices (RPs).

Annual Standards Plan

This page illustrates the upcoming changes to API product specifications and RPs. This information can be used for the management review process required by Q1, Section 6.5.

Standards, Addenda, & Errata

This page illustrates the current addenda & errata to API product specifications and RPs. This information will alert you to the recent changes and will support the activities required by Q1, Section 4.4, External Documents in Product Realization.

Purchasing Guidelines

This page illustrates the purchasing interface between product specification manufacturers and the buyers of a customer’s organization. It summarizes all of the interfaces between the manufacturer and customer.

Publications Catalog

This page identifies published product specifications and RPs. It can be used by manufacturers and customer organizations alike to determine which publication is meant for specific types of equipment.

API Composite List

This list is useful from a purchaser’s point of view. It identifies those companies that have:
– A Product Specification License
– An ISO 9001 QMS Certification
– A Q1 QMS Certification
– An ISO 14001, EMS Certification and/or 
– An OHSAS 18001 H&S Management System Certification

Note: Remember that most of the links above are for the API Monogram Program which relates to Exploration and Production. The API has several other areas in which they publish standards:

  • Marketing
  • Petroleum Measurement
  • Pipeline Transportation
  • Refining

I have also shown below a listing of the specifications and standards that SC 20 has available and/or is working on. Note that:

  • Product specifications under SC 20 will be eligible to apply an API Monogram once it is determined that an organization meets the API Monogram Program requirements.
  • Service related organizations that conform to one of the following standards will be eligible to apply for a QMS certification through API Quality Registrars.

Specifications & Standards

  • Castings, Spec 20A (Published March 2012)
  • Open Die Forgings, Spec 20B (Published April 2013)
  • Closed Die Forgings, Spec 20C (Published October 2009)
  • Non-Destructive Examination, Standard 20D (Published September 2013)
  • Alloy and Carbon Steel, Spec 20E (Published August 2012)
  • Corrosion-Resistant Bolting, Spec 20F (under development)
  • Welding Services, Standard 20G (under development)
  • Heat treating Services, Standard 20H (under development)
  • Distributors of Metallic Material for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries distributors, Standard 20J (under development)

Note: API has a Summer and Winter Standardization Conference. Each year there is a different venue. For more information about API’s conferences click here.

Our Reputation.

Bud Weightman, President of QSI, is an international management systems expert involved with management and technical systems for over 40 years. As President of QSI, Bud is involved with the industry committees responsible for emerging requirements, including: revision of API specifications, leading various API Task Groups, and lead auditor for the accreditation of SEMS Audit Providers through the Center for Offshore Safety. Bud’s experience includes working with ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000 management systems, as well as industry-specific certification schemes such as API Q1 and Q2, AS9100, ASME systems, and numerous other standards.

ISO 9001:2015
API Spec. Q1
API Spec. Q2
API Lead Auditor

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