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Bud Weightman, President

As an international management consultant, author and lecturer, Bud has been involved with management and technical systems for over 40 years. As President of Qualified Specialists, Int’l, Bud has had the opportunity to share his extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, assessment, certification, and maintenance of business management systems. He has also developed custom training programs to fit the specific needs of his customers, including industry institutions such as the American Petroleum Institute and education institutions such as the University of Houston. His approach has been to provide customized business solutions with minimized implementation costs through disciplined customer facilitation and the transfer of information and technology.

Emerging Industry Requirements

Bud is involved with the industry committees responsible for emerging requirements, including:

♦  Revision of API Spec. Q1 from the 8th Edition to the 9th Edition
♦  Creation of API Spec. Q2
♦  The API Task Group for Welding: harmonization of API Product specification requirements
♦  Lead auditor for the accreditation of SEMS Audit Providers through the Center for Offshore Safety

Multi-Industry Certification Experience

Bud’s multiple industry and cross-disciplinary experience includes working with the ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 management systems, and with industry-specific certification schemes such as API Q1, AS9100, and ASME Systems, to name a few. He serves on numerous high-profile committees for economic development and standards development. He has assisted numerous businesses with successful implementation of various management system types, and his clients include Fortune 500 and International Fortune 500 companies.

Expert Knowledge

Bud is a regular contributor to a number of national and international industry publications, and he frequently engages in public speaking on topics related to a wide variety of management issues. Bud has served as an expert witness with regards to quality management systems. His specific areas of experience include:

♦  Analyses, assessments, and audits of management systems and processes
♦  Business management and administration
♦  Process mapping and mapping of complex processes
♦  Reduction of non-productive time
♦  Finding strategic alliance partners
♦  Software development
♦  Business standardization, cross-functional deployment, multiple departments, multiple sites (national and international)
♦  Training
♦  Strategic planning
♦  Continual improvement initiatives
♦  International conformity assessment participation
♦  Troubleshooting process related problems
♦  Identifying and monitoring measurement performance metrics
♦  Process improvement initiatives
♦  Sales and marketing
♦  Source surveillance and inspection
♦  Assisting companies in setting goals, objectives, missions , visions, and value

Bud’s API experience working with users and operators includes: oil and gas exploration, production and exploitation; projects: construction, installation, startup and handover; transportation; and operations.

As an example, his experience includes: 

1)      Implementation of a drilling department Non-Productive Time Improvement Program of a Middle Eastern oil and gas company’s service suppliers to eight [8] operating offshore rigs; suppliers included:

♦  Wireline
♦  Directional Drilling
♦  Casing and Casing Crews
♦  Cementing

2)      Development of a Project Integrity Program for an for an Indian oil and gas company project in Northern India

3)      Performed manufacturing process assessments of suppliers in five (5) countries for an International oil and gas project located in Western Africa

4)      Performed cementing failure investigations for a domestic oil and gas company for onshore rigs and for a Middle Eastern oil and gas company’s offshore rigs

5)      Acted as a Project Quality Lead for an offshore rig project for an international oil and gas company in Brazil

6)      Currently works for domestic oil and gas companies; activities include:

♦  Gap analysis project for operational systemic integrity
♦  Benchmark assessments for land rigs
♦  Specialty assessments for:
Non-productive time investigation and solutions for a rotary steerable device service company
Non-productive time assessments of a drilling contractor (3 operating land rigs and manufacturing / maintenance center)

Bud’s experience on API committees and related activities includes the following:


  1. Chairman, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group on Welding (2011 – Present)
  2. Chairman, API Subcommittee 20, Work Group on Supplier Welding Requirements (2011 – Present)
  3. Member, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group 5 on Q2, Quality  for Services (2010 – Present)
  4. Member, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group 5, Work Group on Q2, Quality for Services(2010 – Present)
  5. Member, API Subcommittee SC 10 Cement, Work Group for Audit Checklist for Cement(2011)
  6. Chairman, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group 1 on Auditing Effectiveness (2004 – 2009)
  7. Member, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group on Auditing Effectiveness (2001 – 2004)
  8. Co-Chair, API Subcommittee 18, Task Group 2 on Auditing Effectiveness Checklist Work Group for API Spec. 7 (2001 – 2004)
  9. Member, API C4/SC18 Task Group / ISO TC 67 WG 2 Project Group, TG 1, “Improvement” / 7th Edition of API Specification Q1 / ISO TC 67 Sector Specific QMS Standard (circa 2003)
  10. Chairman, API Task Group on Quality Management Systems (circa 2000)
  11. Member, Subcommittee 18 (on Quality) for API Specification Q1 (1990 – Present)
Bud has been a professional assessor since 1979 and has audit experience in the following industries: Oil & Gas, US Nuclear Industry, US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense and Center for Offshore Safety. Bud was responsible for leading:


  • An audit team for the first Center for Offshore Safety audit in 2012
  • A team of twelve (12) auditors to audit quality, health and safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements in the year 2000 as part of the Right of Way Renewal effort for the Alaska Pipeline (duration 3 months)
  • A team of twelve (5) auditors to the Three Mile Island Action Plan for Bulk Materials and Fasteners at the South Texas Project Electric Steam Generating Station in 1986 (duration 6 months)


1)      Center for Offshore Safety Lead Auditor, since 2012

2)      API (American Petroleum Institute) Lead Auditor, since 1986

3)      RABQSA (Registrar Accreditation Board)

    • Skill Examiner #Q01601, Since 2005
    • Certified QMS Lead Auditor #Q01601, since 1992
    • Certified Environmental Associate Auditor #E052652, since 2002

4)      IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) Lead Assessor SN A2280, since 1991

5)      BEAC (Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications); Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Health & Safety, since 2001

6)      ASQ (American Society for Quality) Certified Quality Auditor #1312, since 1990

7)      Accredited, Lead Auditor Course Trainer (past)

8)      Auditor Trainer (QSI courses) since 1993

9)      ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

    • N45.2.23, Auditor Examiner (circa 1986)
    • N45.2.23, Lead Auditor (1979 – 1986)

Texas Quality Award Examiner, Houston Awards for Quality (sponsored by the University of Houston and the BBB), Assessor, 1993

Bud has served on the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO /Technical Committee 176 on Quality Assurance & Quality Management (i.e., for the ISO 9000 family of standards), past member for approximately 8 years. In addition, Bud has experience with:


ISO 17021

1)      Participated on the advisory board of 3 registrars

2)      Performed registrar internal audits to ISO 17021

Greater Houston Partnership (Chamber of Commerce l Economic Development l World Trade)

1)      Member Services Advisory Committee (member) – Worked to increase the economic vitality of small to medium-sized member companies through a variety of business development programs and services (past)

2)      Developing Business Committee (member) – Developed and implemented partnership programs and services desired by small to medium-sized member companies (past)

NNI (Netherlands Normalization Institute)

1)      ISO/Technical Committee 67, Working Group 2, Certification Principles for the Oil & Gas Industries (past member for 4 years)

2)      Consultant to the Dutch Government

ASQC (American Society for Quality Control)

1)      Regional Councilor, Region 14, Energy and Environmental Quality Division (past member)

2)      Chairman of the ASQC, South Texas Section, Community Relations Committee (past member)

IFI (Industrial Fastener Institute)

Nuclear Bolting Committee (past member)

Bud has attained technical expertise in the following:


ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing)

1)       TC-1A, Level II (past)

  • Radiography/Film Interpreter
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Liquid Penetrant

ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

1)       N45.2.6, Level III Mechanical Inspector (past)

2)       N45.2.6, Level III Examiner (Inspection) (past)

3)       N45.2.6, Level II Inspector (past)

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Coatings
  • Civil/structural
  • Visual
  • Welding
  • Piping

AWS (American Welding Society)

1)       Certified Welding Inspector (CEW) #82122481 (past)

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