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Total Quality Management

As a consulting firm, QSI provides end-to-end quality management services, an approach we call Total Quality Management™. Within Total Quality Management, we guide you every step of the way, from writing your QMS manual and procedures, conducting internal audits, and ensuring you meet industry and regulatory compliance. We work with companies – no matter your company’s size – to deliver a proven model on your path to gaining or maintaining your certification.

Our Total Quality Management approach includes these main services:

Development of QMS manual, procedures, and supporting documentation to assist in gaining or maintaining your certification
Supplying our web-based technology – called the Integrity Management System ® (or IMS ®) – as a resource to house all your documentation, with training and support


Performing annual internal audits to keep you in compliance
Performing supplier audits on critical suppliers to ensure they’re operating as per your QMS requirements
Gap analyses to determine where you are in relation to where you need to be
Resolution of certification or audit nonconformities (API, ISO, or other)

Gap Analysis

The gap analysis is a powerful systematic examination of what a company already has in place and where the “gaps” exist. This technique can be used in a wide variety of applications and is typically used to specifically detail all facets of existing operations versus identifying where processes lack sufficient information or practices to comply with specified or targeted requirements – where you are versus where you need to be.

QSI conducts open, yet structured, gap analyses and involves input from senior level management and other key personnel – no matter your type of product, service, or industry. Our gap analyses help to determine the level of compliance for requirements such as:

♦  Regulatory compliance
♦  Environmental management system compliance
♦  Industry, national, international, or geographical compliance


A gap analysis can also be used to provide a better focus for existing activities such as training or supplier relationships. It can be used to:

♦  Assist in implementing change
♦  Identify areas for improvement in existing practices
♦  Build trust
♦  Provide alignment of philosophies

Certification Solutions

QSI offers a proven path to certification, backed by numerous years of industry experience. Whether your quality management system is in need of major or minor changes, our approach helps to foster quality commitment within your organization from the top down.

With QSI, your path to certification and compliance comes with various levels of technical assistance and support. Our consulting services include:

Cost efficient implementation and a dedicated consultant to track your certification timeline.
Customized development of manuals, procedures, work instructions, job descriptions, etc.
Access to your online, web-based QMS portal that houses all your documentation and integrates all your management system standards in a secure location. We provide:

Software setup and deployment
Employee training in software modules and procedures
Data imports of all existing documentation
 Ongoing system support and software upgrades

Internal audit and management review
Observations during your certification audit to provide additional guidance.


Companies frequently operate under separate management systems for multiple sites and/or geographical locations. A manufacturing company, for instance, may have ten international locations, each with a separate quality system. This may also be true of their health & safety and environmental systems. This kind of an approach often leads to process fragmentation, internal and intra-company miscommunication, and inconsistency in what products or services a company offers its customers.

QSI helps businesses to create an integrated approach to management system deployment throughout their organization, regardless of the number of locations involved.


REG-APPS™ is a collection of modules to ensure the organization identified, accesses and evaluates laws and regulations that apply to all aspects of its activities, products, and services. Identifying these laws and regulations helps to evaluate their potential impacts on the company and its activities, products, and services. It includes features to assign and provide reviews, assign requirements and permits, monitor specific conditions, assign responsibility, and monitor compliance. REG-APPS™ can address compliance issues for a single company; a company with multiple locations in various geographical locations, and a company that has multiple projects (e.g. Oil & Gas).

Our REG-APPS™ Consulting services provides a complete and total solution and we will guide you through every step of the process. Call us today to see how our REG-APPS™ solution and consulting services can meet your needs.

Benefits of Certification

  Reduce cost

  Improve operational efficiency, productivity, and product reliability

 Customer satisfaction - meet customer requirements

 Access to new markets

 Increase market share and sales

  Meet statutory and regulatory requirements

  Increased environmental benefit

Customer Testimonial

“Special thanks to our quality team for their expertise on making this certification possible.

ISO 9001:2015
API Spec. Q1
API Spec. Q2
API Lead Auditor

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Popular Software Apps for Compliance

Which software apps do most companies value to effectively track their quality management system?

♦  Document Control


♦  Competency & Training

♦  Calibration & Maintenance

♦  Change & Risk Management

All the software applications you need to manage your compliance.

Benefit of Choosing QSI as Your Consultant

QSI supports companies internationally to successfully license to product specifications and certify to quality specifications (e.g., API Q1/Q2, ISO TS 29001, ISO 9001, AS9100, ASME Section VIII, etc.). QSI can assist you whether you’re beginning the certification process from scratch, your quality management system needs minor changes, or if your QMS needs a complete revision. QSI consultants are competent with proven oil and gas industry track records. Our experience includes:

♦  ISO 9001:2015; Quality Management Systems

♦  API Spec. Q1 & Q2; QMS Requirements for Manufacturing and Service Supply and Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

♦  AS9100; Aircraft & Aerospace Quality Management System – Special requirements

♦  ISO 14001:2004; Environmental Management System

♦  ISO/IEC/TR 18001:1999; Occupational Health & Safety

Our Reputation.

Bud Weightman, President of QSI, is an international management systems expert involved with management and technical systems for over 40 years. As President of QSI, Bud is involved with the industry committees responsible for emerging requirements, including: revision of API specifications, leading various API Task Groups, and lead auditor for the accreditation of SEMS Audit Providers through the Center for Offshore Safety. Bud’s experience includes working with ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000 management systems, as well as industry-specific certification schemes such as API Q1 and Q2, AS9100, ASME systems, and numerous other standards.

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