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For companies seeking API Spec. Q2 certification, we offer full-service certification assistance to get you in compliance.
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In the oil and gas industry, certification to API Spec. Q2, 1st Edition, demonstrates the industry and customer demands for service supply companies. The 1st Edition places a large focus on the reliability of services and waste reduction.  While there are few companies around the world who’ve obtained Q2 certification, this certification is rapidly becoming a requirement for many service organizations in the O&G industry. Q2 certification standardizes major controls for:

Risk Assessment and Management
Contingency Planning
Management of Change
Service-Related Product
Supplier Criticality
Service Quality Plans

Your Competitive Advantage

There are clear, empirical competitive advantages for service companies that implement the Q2 standard for their quality management:

Operational – Having a well-structured and formalized approach to quality management improves productivity and reduces waste. Return-on-investment well exceeds implementation costs.
Requirement – Meet oil and gas industry and customer demands. This standard is quickly becoming a requirement for business sales.
The lack of certification is a competitive disadvantage for service companies.
QSI provides a wide range of certification solutions to help you achieve certification and keep your quality management system running efficiently.

Certification Solutions

QSI offers a proven path to certification, backed by numerous years of industry experience. Whether your quality management system is in need of major or minor changes, our approach helps to foster quality commitment within your organization from the top down.

With QSI, your path to certification and compliance comes with various levels of technical assistance and support. Our consulting services include:

Cost efficient implementation and a dedicated consultant to track your certification timeline.
Customized development of manuals, procedures, work instructions, job descriptions, etc.
Access to your online, web-based QMS portal that houses all your documentation and integrates all your management system standards in a secure location. We provide:

Software setup and deployment
Employee training in software modules and procedures
Data imports of all existing documentation
 Ongoing system support and software upgrades

Internal audit and management review
Observations during your certification audit to provide additional guidance.

Implementation and Integration

Because many oil and gas companies choose to integrate their Q2 certification with other management system standards, such as Q1 or ISO 9001:2015, QSI provides services that help make this implementation and integration seamless. Companies may choose to integrate Q2 with:

ISO/IEC/TR 18001:1999; Occupational Health & Safety
API Spec. Q1: Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries
ISO 9001:2015; Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001:2004; Environmental Management System
For companies wishing to integrate additional management system standards, our mission is to develop a customized solution that meets your business needs.

Benefits of API Spec. Q2 Certification

  Reduce cost

  Improve operational efficiency, productivity, and product reliability

 Customer satisfaction - meet customer requirements

 Access to new markets

 Increase market share and sales

  Meet statutory and regulatory requirements

  Increased environmental benefit

Did You Know?

Although the Q1 and Q2 standards parallel each other in many aspects of the spec., key areas where the standards differ include:

♦  Normative References

♦  Design Requirements

♦  Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, Management of Change

♦  Inspection and Testing Requirements

♦  Preventive Maintenance

♦  Production and Servicing

♦  Nonconforming Product

♦  Process Evaluation

Customer Testimonial

“Special thanks to our quality team for their expertise on making this certification possible.

ISO 9001:2015
API Spec. Q1
API Spec. Q2
API Lead Auditor

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Popular Software Apps for Compliance

Which software apps do most companies value to effectively track their quality management system?

♦  Document Control


♦  Competency & Training

♦  Calibration & Maintenance

♦  Change & Risk Management

Key QMS Software Features

As a tool to assist you in the Q2 certification process, QSI’s approach is to provide our clients with full system access to our web-based QMS portal, uniquely designed to streamline your processes from the top down. Working together, the applications in the software make your QMS more efficient.

Improve Your QMS Efficiencyimprove-qms-efficiency

QSI's web-based quality management software comes loaded with over 20 applications that help you leverage and streamline your business processes. The software applications easily integrate with each other so your QMS stays compliant and runs efficiently. Easily integrate processes, such as:

check markRisk Management

check markChange Management

check markNonconformance Reporting

check mark Corrective and Preventive Action, and much more

Measure Effectiveness.reporting-and-analytics

Know exactly what's going on in all aspects of your management system. Real-time dashboards give you great visibility and insight. With dashboard reports, you can identify your company's opportunity for improvement and steadily decrease systemic issues, including corrective actions, customer returns or complaints, and audit deficiencies.

Dashboard reports allow you to analyze data and identify trends. For example, view your company's gradual decrease in nonconformities, and watch your company improve its efficiency over time.

Instant Visibility.cloud-based-hosting

Instantly access all your documentation at the click of a mouse with our self-hosted, web-based QMS portal. All information is stored on our secure servers, eliminating the need for expensive IT costs and implementation. Get visibility to all areas of your QMS, across all your departments and locations world wide - no matter your company size.

Hassle no more during an audit. With quick search and record retrieval, our software allows you to quickly access your QMS documentation without flipping though mounds of paperwork. The system also comes pre-configured with various sort and filter options, which can also be customized to meet your needs.

Get Notifications. Track Due Dates.calendar_r1

Track due dates with interactive calendar management. Get email notifications of key due dates, such as:

check mark Calibration / maintenance due dates

check mark Expired vendors

check mark CAPA / NCR approval and assignment

check mark Training notifications

All the software applications you need to manage your compliance.

Our Experience Says It All

Our consultants are the best in the industry. With over 150 years of combined, hands-on expertise, QSI has extensive experience helping companies achieve certification. Our experience includes:

♦ Integration of management system standards (API Q1/Q2, ISO 9001, AS9100, SEMS, etc.)

♦ Cross-functional and cross-geographical deployment of management system standards

♦ Determining / increasing manufacturing capability

♦ Tracking of regulatory requirements

♦ Troubleshooting problematic certification and / or industry licensing audit results

♦ Re-installment of industry licenses for certification

Our Reputation.

Bud Weightman, President of QSI, is an international management systems expert involved with management and technical systems for over 40 years. As President of QSI, Bud is involved with the industry committees responsible for emerging requirements, including: revision of API specifications, leading various API Task Groups, and lead auditor for the accreditation of SEMS Audit Providers through the Center for Offshore Safety. Bud’s experience includes working with ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000 management systems, as well as industry-specific certification schemes such as API Q1 and Q2, AS9100, ASME systems, and numerous other standards.

Other Key Consulting Services
Pre-assessments for determining your conformance/compliance readiness
Technical conformity assessments
Gap analyses for comprehensive conformity / compliance checks
Manual and procedure reviews, detailing the missing pieces in your own manual and/or procedures
Regulatory compliance assessments
Supplier audits

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