Last week, the API announced the publication of Q1, 10th Edition. QSI will provide periodic updates discussing some of the changes, but for starters, let’s talk about title changes to the 10th Edition:

  • Q1, 9th Edition title: Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
  • Q1, 10th Edition title: Quality Management System Requirements for Organizations Providing Products for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

The 10th Edition’s title no longer has the word “manufacturing” in it and the words “providing products” has been added after “organizations”.

Why did this happen?

Q1’s scope is being broadened for a wider variety of business concerns. Section 1 Scope now reads “This specification establishes minimum quality management system requirements for organizations that provide products for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The Introduction to the document further explains:

This specification may be applied by organizations that provide product (3.1.17) for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry. As defined in 3.1.17, this specification uses the term “product” to refer to the “output of an organization intended to be provided to a customer”. Previous editions of this specification limited the application to organizations which manufactured a physical product, performed servicing on a physical product, or performed manufacturing-related processes. This edition addresses the following types of organizations in petroleum and natural gas industry.

  • manufacturing
  • engineering/design
  • physical product realization activity providers such as those performing
    • welding
    • heat treating
    • coating/plating
    • machining
    • inspection
    • testing
    • servicing
  • physical product-related activity providers such as those performing
    • distribution
    • logistics
    • software development

You may notice that several of these subjects were part of the manufacturing related processes from the 9th Edition’s Product Realization section, for example:

  •, Servicing
  •, Validation of Processes for Production and Servicing (welding, heat treating, coating/plating)
  • 5.7.7, Inspection and Testing

This may prompt organizations to consider asking their suppliers to conform to Q1, 10th Edition for critical outsourced activities.

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to contact QSI should you have any concerns in the meantime.

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