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Change management is critical to the control of your management system, and improper management of change introduces serious risk to your organization. Efficient change management allows you to keep track of all your changes and associated risk in one, centralized location.

QSI’s web-based Change and Risk Management applications are designed so you can comprehensively identify key changes, such as changes in: organizational structure, essential personnel, management system changes, corrective / preventive actions, and more. After identifying a change, the system then allows you to associate changes with any potential risks, including those that may impact a customer.

Within the applications, identify, assess, and treat any foreseen risk due to changes, nonformances, product delivery, processes, and other factors throughout your management system or organization.

With QSI’s web-based tool for change and risk management, your company will have the confidence it needs to pass internal and external audits, maintain your certification and compliance, and gain a competitive edge.

Benefits of Web-Based Change and Risk Management


Audit Ease

Easy accessibility to documentation during routine audits

Electronic Documentation

Keep electronic documentation of all change requests within your organization

System Access

Varying levels of user roles for appropriate approval and control through the management system


Integration with various quality management system areas, such as Document Control, Risk Management, and Change Management


Get full visibility to change management metrics

Other Software

Other software apps that most companies value to effectively track their quality management:


♦  Document Control

♦  Competency & Training

♦  Calibration & Maintenance

Make Software Your Competitive Advantage

Automate the processes required for certification with QMS software.

♦  Reduce the manhours spent on data entry

♦  House all your management system standards under one platform

♦  Reduce the time it takes for certification

♦  Gain instant visibility to all QMS data

Application Highlights

Managing Change

By managing changes, you ultimately reduce costs and increase employee productivity through improved control, visibility and automation – all achievable through the Change Management Application.

The application is specifically designed for documenting any changes in organizational structure, essential personnel, critical suppliers, and/or management system procedures that may negatively impact the quality of product or service. You can then link each change with possible risk that your company faces as an effect of the change.

Risk Management

Risk can be associated with any management system, and the Risk Management Application will help you successfully manage the associated challenges. This application is focused on the identification, assessment, and treatment of risk associated with impact on delivery and quality of product or service.

For each of your identified risks, the application allows you to assess that risk by auto-generating a risk score based on data you input for risk impact and likelihood. With the assessment, you can then further identify the risk treatment, including possible actions taken to reduce or control its likelihood of occurrence.

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Additional Change and Risk Management Features


Easy search and retrieval


Intuitive interface and functionality


Instant visibility to real-time dashboards and advanced analytics


Instant tracking of all change requests

Comprehensive training in application
Assign risk likelihood and risk score
Link change request to other potential management system areas
Instantly view change and risk management status
Identify actions to mitigate or reduce risk
Technical system support

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