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Stay ISO and / or API compliant with web-based QMS software applications.
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One Platform for All Your Needs

Many companies fail to have a centralized location that houses all their management system documentation.

The manner in which a management system is deployed is as important as its structure. Individuals typically link electronic documents (internal, customer, and/or industry documents) over their company’s intranet throughout all tiers of a management system, or they may use select standard operating procedures at specific locations within a facility.

The bottom line is that the deployment of information has to be:


Readily accessible to maximize the use of the information


Current to ensure that previous requirements are not used


In a format that is easily understood to reduce the potential of errors


Maintained so that the information remains consistent throughout the organization

QSI offers a self-hosted, web-based quality management system uniquely designed to keep your company in compliance with ISO and API standards. Our web-based system consists of a suit of 20+ applications working seamlessly together to provide users with full system visibility, control, and automation across all your departments and locations, no matter your company’s size – small, medium, or large.

Choose Your Documentation. You can use the system with our pre-developed, proven documentation or utilize your own documentation. Easily store:


Manuals, procedures, job descriptions, work instructions, forms, records, and revisions


Upcoming audit dates and audit results


Organizational charts, and more

Customer Testimonial

“QSI’s web-based software allows my business and employees to function seamlessly at multiple locations around the world. Customer service levels and employee efficiencies have significantly improved through our use of their software.”


Director of Quality, Southern California Valve

Popular Software Apps for Compliance

Which software apps do most companies value to effectively track their quality management system?

♦  Document Control


♦  Competency & Training

♦  Calibration & Maintenance

♦  Change & Risk Management

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Our Web-Based QMS Software

Remain competitive in your industry. Gain efficiency in:

Personnel – reduce the man hours spent on manual data entry
The time it takes to gain or maintain your industry certification
Visibility to key metrics without doing all the work through spreadsheets

Did you know???

Did you know that companies spend an estimated $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document?* Don’t let this happen to your documentation. Save money and make your system more efficient by ditching the paper and filing cabinet for managing your conformity. Stay a step ahead of your competitors and transition to web-based management today.

* Coopers and Lybrand Document Management Study

Key QMS Software Features

Our web-based QMS portal is uniquely designed to streamline your processes from the top down. Working together, the software applications make your QMS more efficient. Equip your employees with the tools needed to transform the way you manage quality and compliance.

Improve Your QMS Efficiencyimprove-qms-efficiency

QSI's web-based quality management software comes loaded with over 20 applications that help you leverage and streamline your business processes. The software applications easily integrate with each other so your QMS stays compliant and runs efficiently. Easily integrate processes, such as:

check markRisk Management

check markChange Management

check markNonconformance Reporting

check mark Corrective and Preventive Action, and much more

Measure Effectiveness.reporting-and-analytics

Know exactly what's going on in all aspects of your management system. Real-time dashboards give you great visibility and insight. With dashboard reports, you can identify your company's opportunity for improvement and steadily decrease systemic issues, including corrective actions, customer returns or complaints, and audit deficiencies.

Dashboard reports allow you to analyze data and identify trends. For example, view your company's gradual decrease in nonconformities, and watch your company improve its efficiency over time.

Instant Visibility.cloud-based-hosting

Instantly access all your documentation at the click of a mouse with our self-hosted, web-based QMS portal. All information is stored on our secure servers, eliminating the need for expensive IT costs and implementation. Get visibility to all areas of your QMS, across all your departments and locations world wide - no matter your company size.

Hassle no more during an audit. With quick search and record retrieval, our software allows you to quickly access your QMS documentation without flipping though mounds of paperwork. The system also comes pre-configured with various sort and filter options, which can also be customized to meet your needs.

Get Notifications. Track Due Dates.calendar_r1

Track due dates with interactive calendar management. Get email notifications of key due dates, such as:

check mark Calibration / maintenance due dates

check mark Expired vendors

check mark CAPA / NCR approval and assignment

check mark Training notifications

Applications Specifically Designed to Meet Your Needs

Watch It In Action

check mark Integration of Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental systems into one platform

check mark Flexible and configurable functionality

check mark Various levels of system access for the employees you choose

check mark Software training and technical support

Solutions for All Your Quality and Compliance Needs

Join the millions of other companies transitioning their quality management systems to paperless, web-based systems for remaining compliant. We offer a comprehensive suite of software applications that, when working together, are proven to increase the efficiency of your QMS.


Manage activities associated with inspection, test, monitoring and measurement equipment, and gages using the Calibration Application. This application allows you to manage your calibration and send email notifications to alert responsible personnel of calibration due dates.

Successfully eliminate wasted time associated with your gage issuance process.

Corrective and Preventive Action

Manage all your corrective actions, preventive actions, audit deficiency reports, and customer complaint reports with the CAPA Application. Here, identify the root cause and corrective/preventive actions associated with a nonconformance report.

This application significantly contributes to your management system’s continual improvement.

Codes & Standards

The Codes & Standards Application ensures that your company is 100% compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements at all times. This application will serve as your master listing of applicable codes and standards for your product. Here, you can identify newer vs. existing editions, allowing you to perform a gap analysis between versions and identify which management system documents need to be updated as a result of the change.

Effectively manage your codes and standards to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Contingency Planning

Manage your contingency plans needed to address risk that is associated with delivery and quality of product. This application will help you successfully manage the planning process, including changes in organizational structure, key or essential personnel, critical suppliers, and/or management system procedures.

Effectively manage this critical component of your management system.

Document Control

The Document Control Application is the central, electronic repository of your management system documentation. It simplifies the way your company stores, accesses, and shares management system documents, such as manuals, procedures, work instructions, forms, and job descriptions.

This applications streamlines your business processes with superior document and revision control.


he Events Application allows you to effectively plan for management system activities, such as audits (internal or external) or management reviews.

This application ensures that these events are identified, documented, scheduled, and tracked for effective management of your system.

With this application, improve your audit results through effective planning.


The Maintenance Application allows you to schedule due dates for (to name a few):

♦ Preventive maintenance of equipment

♦ Certification records

♦ Eye examinations

♦ Safety inspections, etc.

With this application, you can document detailed equipment information along with a maintenance plan and maintenance history.


The Metrics Application allows you to create key business metrics, such as:

♦ Goals

♦ Quality, health & safety, and environmental (QHSE) objectives

♦ Key performance indicators (KPIs)

♦ Customer surveys

With this application, you can identify, document, and trend these areas for continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Management of Change

With the MOC Application, manage changes in organizational structure, key personnel, critical suppliers, and management system procedures that may negatively impact the quality of your product.

This application allows you to identify and plan these changes, including associated risks and appropriate approvals.

Nonconformance Reporting

The NCR Application controls the identification and disposition of product nonconformities. In this application, manage NCRs associated with materials, parts, components, and final product produced either internally or at a vendor’s location.


This application allows you to identify, verify, and close product nonconformities, including any associated approvals, so that your company stays on the track toward continual improvement.


The Organization Application allows you add key employees, job titles, locations, and departments involved in your management system.

With this application, you can also view and print interactive organizational charts from all your company’s locations.

Personnel Qualification

The Personnel Qualification Application allows you to track the education, skills, and past training/experience of your personnel.

Through this application, identify and approve your personnel’s core competencies, on-the-job training, and external training information that provides the basis for their qualification.

Project Management

The Project Management Application allows you to manage your projects, subprojects, and tasks from start to finish more efficiently.

With this application, keep track of all your due dates, as well as your team’s; view workflow charts; and control your workspace.


The Records Application allows you to maintain records associated with:

♦ Your company’s business needs

♦ Your management system (e.g., API Spec. Q1/Q2, ISO 9001, etc.)

♦ Product specifications

♦ Customer contracts or needs

♦ Regulatory agencies, etc.

With the Records Application, ensure your company is in conformance/compliance with each specified retention period. This application helps to ensure that your records are:

♦ Traceable to specific activities

♦ Available for recall at the click of a mouse

♦ Protected from damage or loss

♦ Protected from unauthorized viewing

Request for Deviation

The Request for Deviation Application allows you to input requests to depart from specified requirements that are:

♦ Internal to your company (e.g., dimensional, test results, etc.)

♦ External to your company (e.g., product specifications), or

♦ Customer specific

With this application, identify those deviation requests, as well as their results and administration.


Manage the identification and control of risk associated with delivery and quality of product with the Risk Application. With this application, successfully identify and monitor those actions needed to assess and mitigate your company’s risk with ease.

Start treating existing and potential risk throughout your company today.


The Training Application allows you to schedule, track, and record employee training activities.

With this application, successfully build employee training requirements and reduce the time and resources necessary to maintain your training program.

Vendor Control

The Vendor Control Application allows you to input those vendors that provide services, materials, parts, components, consumables, equipment or any other item that will become part of (or in some way contribute) to your product. Successfully manage your approved, expired, or inactive vendors, as well as their certifications and performance (such as late orders and vendor-caused NCRs).

With this application, manage your suppliers and reduce risk across your supply chain.

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